Yustaga Lodge Leadership





   Yustaga Lodge Officers   Yustaga Lodge Advisers
Jerry Hand, Chief Jeff Kern, Lodge Adviser  
  Steve Kolek, Senior Associate  Adviser
Dakota Davis Vice Chief of Service   Don Smith Associate Adviser Service
Houston Hartley Vice Chief of Training Bill Payne, Associate Adviser Training
Zach Lambert Vice Chie of Administration  Jay Wright Associate  Adviser Administration
Tyler Rickman Vice Chief of Program Mike Cole Associate  Adviser Program
Records Keeper                            Jeff Stone, Associate  Adviser
Historical Awards   Jay Wright
Publications   Jay Wright
American Indian Affairs Seth Young Ryan Ripley
YNAW Chairman Micah Cilley Bert Moore
Inductions Westley Delware Suzanne Plenkers
Ceremonies Alex Wright James Mccallen
Vigil Zach Smith Bill Payne
Elangomat   Paula Syfrett
Lodge Chaplin Corps Noah Owens Ted Spangleberg jr
Service Corps Zach Smith Don Smith
Unit Service   Rob Zaleski
 Jim Boksa, Staff Adviser Spencer Page, Supreme Chief of the Fire 






Appalachee Chapter        Advisers   
Noah Owens, Chapter Chief     Jon Coleman, Chapter Adviser
 Gavin Turnbull, Chapter Vice Chief  Associate Adviser Adviser
, Noah Vaden, Chapter Secretary  



 Choctaw Chapter         Advisers
 Elliot Brown, Chapter Chief  Paula Syfrett, Chapter Adviser
 Spencer MacKenzie, Chapter Vice Chief   Don Smith, Associate Chapter Adviser
 Nathan Behr,  Secretary  


Oschambos Chapter   Advisers
Chandler Hagan, Chapter Chief Greg Hagan, Chapter Adviser
 Justin Tabb, Chapter Vice Chief  Tony Gibbs, Associate Chapter Adviser
 Andrew Denton,  Secretary       


Woapalanne Chapter    Advisers
Conner Sanders,  Chapter Chief Tim Rickman, Chapter Adviser
Micah Ciley, Chapter Vice Chief    Gary Beadle, Associate Chapter Adviser
, Chapter Vice Chief  Rob Zaleske, Associate Chapter Adviser
Wesley Delware, Secretary  




Region Leadership

The region chief is the youth leader elected annually by the section chiefs in his region. This election is held in conjunction with the annual national planning meeting. The region Order of the Arrow chairman is an adult adviser appointed by the region director. The professional adviser for the region is assigned by the region director.

National Leadership

The national chief and vice chief are Arrowmen elected to one-year terms by the section chiefs during the annual national planning meeting. They serve as members of the national Order of the Arrow committee, providing the opinion of youth Arrowmen on national OA policy. They also serve as the presiding officers for the national OA event. They are advised in their responsibilities by the national OA committee chairman and the Order of the Arrow team leader. The national OA committee chairman is appointed annually by the vice president/chairman of the national Outdoor Adventures Group. The professional adviser is the Order of the Arrow team leader, a national professional Scouter.



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