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KITCHEN Assist cooks as required Serve food Wash all dishes Assist with crackerbarrel(s).

COLORS Raise and lower flag each day with ceremony.

CEREMONIES FIRES Prepare fires for all ceremonies and campfire if required. Clean OA circle of any trash. Cut grass if needed. Clear trails to OA circles used. Make sure candle holders are present and ready to use. Assure water is present to extinguish any fires.

GRACE Say grace for all meals.

DINING HALL SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP Will set up tables and chairs for any event. After meals - clean all tables off. Put all chairs on the tables. Sweep the complete dining hall. Mop the complete dining hall. Put chairs back under the tables. Sunday - Fold and put chairs on the racks for the chairs. Sunday - Fold and put tables against the wall.

RELIGIOUS SERVICE Will hold religious services on Sunday. Collection will be taken for the World Brotherhood of Scouting.


  Chapter Rotation List

2016 Chapter Rotation List
DUTY  Ordeal Fellowship Pow Wow
Kitchen  Woapalanne Oschambos  Appalachee   
Dining Hall    Choctaw Woapalanne Oschambos 
Colors, Grace, Religious Services Appalachee  Choctaw Woapalanne



2017 Chapter Rotation List
DUTY  Ordeal Fellowship Pow Wow
Kitchen Choctaw Woapalanne Oschambos
Dining Hall   Appalachee Choctaw Woapalanne
Colors, Grace, Religious Services Woapalanne Oschambos Appalachee



Lodge Banquet Rotation


2014 Oschambos 

2015 Woapalanne

2016 Choctaw 

2017 Appalachee

2018 Oschambos

2019 Woapalanne

2020 Choctaw 

2021 Appalachee


1. Activities a. How many chapter/officer meetings were held? b. Was attendance good? c. What chapter business was conducted? d. Do you have a chapter campout, etc. planned?

2. Camp Promotions a. What is being done to promote summer camp? b. What percentage of Arrowmen from your chapter will be at Camp?

3. Membership a. How many Arrowmen were present at your last meeting? b. How many Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil members do you have? c. What are you doing to increase Brotherhood membership? d. What is being done to get inactive members back?

4. Unit Elections a. How are elections going? b. How was the Call Out Ceremony?

5. Meetings a. What kind of program did you have at your last meeting? b. What was discussed? c. What will be discussed at the next meeting?

6. Dance Team a. Where has the dance team performed recently? b. Where are they scheduled to perform? c. What new dances are you working on?

7. Ceremonies Team a. Where has the ceremonies team performed recently? b. Where are they scheduled to perform? c. What new ceremonies are you working on?

8. Lodge Events a. How many members were present at the last lodge event? b. Did you win any awards, do any ceremonies, etc.



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