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Osprey 2nd Quarter 2020

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September 25-27

Due to the conclave being moved to Labor Day weekend, we have decided to move the fall pow-wow to the weekend of September 25-27, just this year. This will be a great weekend of training, games, and excellent food. We will also have our lodge business meeting to elect our lodge and chapter officers for upcoming year.? Also, our newest Vigil candidates will be revealed during the weekend.?

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Transferring To Yustaga Lodge

If you are moving to the Gulf Coast Council, and were a member of the OA in another lodge, you are more than welcome to join the Yustaga Lodge.

You can register here go to the Council Service to fill out the form

2020 Chapter Rotation List
DUTY? Ordeal Fellowship Pow Wow
Kitchen Choctaw Woapalanne Appalachee
Dining Hall Woapalanne Appalachee Oschambo
Colors, Grace, Religious Services Appalachee Oschambo Choctaw
Camp Clean-up Oschambo Choctaw Woapalanne






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