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Spring Fellowship Registration


Vigil Nomination Form are due at check-in of Spring Fellowship

Vigil Nomination Form


High Adventure Scholarship Application

2015 High Adventure Scholarship Application (2).pdf



This is for all current memebers of the lodge.




2015 Osprey Newsletter




Pay your 2015 dues Here:










2015 NOAC FUNDRAISER PATCHES    $45 for all 9 Patches($3 for Shipping)

$15 for all 3 CSP's ($1 for Shipping)  Extra sets will increase shipping charge.

Available for pick up at the Council office after December 1, 2013

Click here to ORDER or call Jim Boksa @ the Council office 476-6336



2015 Chapter Rotation List


DUTY                                                 Ordeal                         Fellowship                  Pow Wow


Kitchen                                               Oschambos                 Woapalanne               Choctaw        

Dining Hall                                         Choctaw                     Oschambos                 Appalachee   

Colors, Grace, Religious Services    Woapalanne               Appalachee                Oschambos



NOTE: With Oschambos added back to the Chapter Rotation List, each Chapter will have a complete year off for a particular Duty.  Duties rotate from Left to Right yearly.













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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Gregg Jordan

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