We will be having 3 workdays at camp to finish up the kitchen project and to get the camp ready for summer camp

Please register for the days you will be there, so that we know who will be there

May 15th , 12:00pm

Remove everything out of kitchen and prep the floor for sealing



May 28th, 9:00am

Put everything back into the kitchen after the floor is sealed



June 11th, 8:00am-5:00pm

Get camp ready for summer camp. This is also Make-up Ordeal

Lunch and dinner will be provided





Pay your 2016 dues Here:









2016 Chapter Rotation List


DUTY                                                 Ordeal                         Fellowship                  Pow Wow


Kitchen                                                          Woapalanne                 Oschambos               Appalachee         

Dining Hall                                                   Choctaw                     Woapalanne           Oschambos    

Colors, Grace, Religious Services    Appalachee               Choctaw                 Woapalanne



NOTE: With Oschambos added back to the Chapter Rotation List, each Chapter will have a complete year off for a particular Duty.  Duties rotate from Left to Right and top to bottonm yearly.













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